Dealing With Depression In A Pandemic

Dealing with depression can be difficult enough.  Between the isolation, the stigma, and the challenges of living your life with depression, the added stress of the pandemic can make things even worse.

Where we may have had everything under control a year ago, things have changed.  The further isolation of quarantine can make depression an ever great aspect of our lives.  Without social interaction in person and strict guidelines for spending time with loved ones, friends, and even colleagues, depression can be harder than ever due to distance between you and your support systems.

Changes in your support systems can affect your depression.

Besides the isolation, the lack of support system can be for you and your relationships.  While you may have had a weekly social or gathering that you would look forward to, the same connections over Skype, Facetime, or Zoom may not have the same meaning for you, and that’s ok.  You’re also spending a lot more time with the people in your bubble.  Whether that’s spouses, children, grandparents, or other family members, more time with your family can have its own challenges.

Stress can make depression worse

Between the ever rising Corona numbers, emergency stay in place orders, mask regulations, and changes in almost every aspect of our lives, the added stress can make depression worse.  Understanding who you are today can help you to manage symptoms and give yourself the grace to be going through a pandemic.  This generational changing event will create change for the rest of our lives.  Understanding the effects of the stress in your everyday life and how it can worsen your depression can lead to monumental growth.

Grief can affect your depression

With the ever growing numbers of CoronaVirus cases, it’s hard to find someone who hasn’t been affected somehow or know someone who has had to deal with this grief first hand.  Between the loss of friends, colleagues, and family members that we’ve had to burden, the weight seems to increase by the day.

Understanding the connection between grief and depression can ensure that you can healthfully process your grief and not further your challenges with depression.

Finding a depression therapist can help!

Depression is difficult already but a pandemic can intensify the symptoms.  This is one of the many reasons why we recommend working with a depression specialist.  They can help you process your grief, lessen your stress, and build health coping strategies to work through your depression.  It’s been a rough road for everyone.  So, if you are at rock bottom and ready to make a meaningful change in your life or a mindful person who just needs a tune up dealing with the challenges of a pandemic, working with a depression therapist specialist at Silver Lake Psychology could be the ticket to living your best life.

Our Matching Experts will find out what type of specialist will work best.  We’ll figure out which therapist is going to work best with your preferences in gender, culture, or language requirements.  We take the steps needed to figure out if you’re looking for a depression therapist who is more supportive and understanding or who will challenge you and give you homework.  Whatever depression therapist will be perfect for you, our Matching Experts will take care of all of the work.