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We are a network of licensed therapists providing science-based, yet compassionate care. ​We offer therapy tailored to your unique needs.

What Causes Tension In Relationships?

Couples’ arguments may involve:

  • Money
  • Fair distribution of housework or other chores
  • Physical intimacy
  • Extended family obligations and issues
  • Children or parenting
  • Careers
  • Sleeping habits, such as snoring or staying awake late at night
  • Past relationships
  • Substance use
  • Unhealthy behavioral patterns

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Dr. Brandy Engler

Founder, Psychologist

Silver Lake Psychology is a woman-owned business with an all-woman leadership team, that has become a rapidly growing mental health network across four states. Psychologist and author, Dr. Brandy Engler is the Founder of Silver Lake Psychology. Following the success of her books, The Men on My Couch (BerkleyBooks) and The Women on My Couch, Dr. Engler began a group practice to meet the overwhelming demand. Dr. Engler had the vision for a company culture built on her relationship expertise to foster empathy, empower the client voice in their treatment and create inclusivity. New clients are greeted with a warm welcome, their stories are heard and their therapist hand-picked. In the early days, Dr. Engler would see clients in the evening and took calls from prospective clients during the day. Because she was engaged in deep listening to the community; what people wanted from therapy and what barriers they experienced to accessing mental health care, she created a company that puts client needs first. Silver Lake Psychology is now affiliated with hospitals and universities, offers 120 different therapy specialties and therapy in 17 different languages.

Dr Brandy Engler

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Couples Therapy in Denver

Couples argue, this is often a difficult fact to accept. According to marriage and family counselors, it can happen every few months, or even as often as monthly. However, if your arguments end with fights, resentment, or unhealthy coping mechanisms, it may be beneficial to seek out support.

Arguments often have patterns, including causes and consequences. Working through behavioral therapy or learning interpersonal learning skills may benefit you when looking at these patterns and strengthening your relationships.

Areas of Focus

Couples Counseling: A Foundation For Communication

In therapy, you may learn to actively listen by hearing what your partner has to say and giving them space to speak their mind. Instead of focusing on fighting less, couples might focus on better communication when disagreements arise during a relationship.

While in the heat of the moment, it can feel challenging to act objectively. However, learning to discuss thoughts and feelings healthily may be an invaluable foundation for a healthier relationship. In counseling, it can help to have the following points in mind.

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