How To Find A Therapist When You’ve Experienced Trauma

Trauma is a complex term that has wide ranging effects in our life.  While we may have received trauma due to military service or a childhood accident, trauma is much more widespread than we’ve come to realize in recent years.  Many different reasons can cause trauma and it’s life shattering effects can wreak havoc throughout many different aspects of your life.

Why should you see a trauma therapist?

A trauma therapist is specialized in helping clients to understand the events that led to their trauma.  This work can be difficult but inspire ground-breaking changes for our client’s lives.
Trauma is a complex, life-altering effect of tragedy, stress, grief, and/or pain.  Giving yourself grace to pause and reflect in a pointed way can help to understand what happened, how it affected you then, how it affects you now, and how it will affect you in the future.  Understanding your trauma can be a life-changing experience.  A trauma therapist can help you through this difficult process to make progress in your life.

Why seeing a trauma therapist can be the right choice for you
A trauma therapist can help you to understand and explore how your trauma has affected different aspects of your life.  This may explore self-esteem, your relationship with platonic relationships and romantic partners, your career, anger, or fear.  These intense topics can be hard to understand and a trauma therapist can guide you through this journey of introspection and acceptance.  We’re trained to support you to make the big insights that can lead to life-altering change.

What are the benefits of seeing a trauma therapist?
Trauma therapists have a wide range of specialized tools to help clients with trauma heal.  These tools include TF-CBT (Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Theory) and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing.  When you speak to our Matching Experts they’ll learn more about your story and the trauma you have experienced to match you with your best match to set you up from success at the beginning of your therapy journey.

We’ll use our Mindful Matching Process to tailor the therapy approach to your trauma in addition to your preferences.  Knowing more about your story allows our Matching Experts to get you a trauma therapist that is a perfect match for you.  At Silver Lake Psychology, we’re passionate about helping people dealing with trauma and always have trauma specialists available for our clients.
When you meet with your trauma therapist they will help you delve into your trauma.  Some of the questions and thoughts you may go through may include:

  • What happened to lead to your trauma?
  • How has trauma affected your self-esteem and self-image?
  • Has trauma affected your relationships with others?
  • Are there any physical manifestations of your trauma?
  • How to understand your trauma response
  • Learning to live with trauma
  • How to create healthy coping mechanisms.

We have many trauma therapists on our staff
Trauma is a wide-ranging, complex term for a number of different pain experiences in our life.  At Silver Lake Psychology we have dedicated ourselves to making trauma therapist specialists accessible.  No matter the cause, our trauma specialists can help you rebuild your life and look forward to your future.

Match with your professionally matched trauma specialist.

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