Learning More About Love Addiction

While love is an important part of our lives, there can be instances when we can develop an addiction or obsession to love.  While it can be hard to understand the difference between head-over-heels love and love addiction, it’s crucial to retain a sense of self and boundaries even in romantic relationships.

It’s important to have a healthy relationship with love. How we value and appreciate love all starts from our relationship with our parents, family members, and caregivers while we were young.  This develops by how those relationships continue, our interactions during puberty, our sexuality and preferences, and our relationships.

Love is also not experienced universally.  Love means different things to each person.  How love affects us is also different.  With the uniquely personal journey of love, it makes sense to have someone on your side helping you love better, more completely, set healthy boundaries, break the cycle of codependency, and balance love’s affect on your life.

Benefits of seeing a Love Addiction therapist

A love addiction therapist can help you to understand what love means to you and help you to build better tools to manage love’s affect on your life.  While love can be a powerfully positive part of our lives, it can lead to codependency, obsession, and the inability to ration your time appropriately to maintain other responsibilities.

At Silver Lake Psychology, we’ve specialized in working with people dealing with love addiction.  Like all addictions, a healthy relationship with anything can become skewed.  This can lead to a lot of other related issues running rampant throughout your life.

What will you discuss with your Love Addiction therapist?

While all addictions can cause cascading effects throughout your life, love addiction can be particularly painful and hard to overcome.  Partnering with a therapist specially trained to work with love addiction can help you start your road to recovery.

You’ll discuss many different topics with your therapist.  You’ll also help to uncover other aspects of your life that may be affected by your addiction.  This complete approach will help you to understand your addiction better and start you off on the right path on your road to recovery.

Some of the topics that you’ll discuss with your therapist may include:

  • Your early relationships
  • The impact of love in your daily life
  • How you love and receive love
  • What love means to you
  • Building healthy strategies
  • Strengthening coping mechanisms
  • Understanding addiction


Love addiction can be an incredibly complex addiction with aspects of the addiction permeating many different parts of your life, romantic relationships, and time.  Working with a love addiction therapist can ensure that you better understand love’s impact on your life and how to build healthy, loving, fulfilling relationships with yourself and others.

Our love addiction therapists also have lots of co-specialties so that you can help to treat your love addiction as a part of your complete mental health.  Reach out today and our Matching Experts can help you to start your therapy journey with the perfect therapist to meet your needs and help you start the road to recovery.

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