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Having the unique experience of living a LGBTQIA+ life can be challenging.  While the healthy life and relationships are everyone’s eventual life goals, the road to get there can be very different from other experiences.

Here at Silver Lake Psychology, we’re specialized in working with all members of the LGBTQIA+ community.  We’re dedicated to providing diverse therapists to understand every one of our client’s journeys.

We’ve specifically recruited to help the community find therapists that understand the uniqueness and beauty of being LGBTQIA+.  Both our support staff and therapists are in the community and are a testament to our devotion to the community.

In addition to some of our therapists being members of the community, we’re allies.  You are in a safe, judgment free zone where we are passionate and ready to hear your story and help you grown and heal.

Benefits of seeing a LGBTQIA+ therapist
While we have members of the community as therapists, we also have allies that are LGBTQIA+ therapist specialists.  Discuss your preferences with our Matching Expert when you reach out to us.  We’ll make sure that we find the perfect match for the best client-therapist fit.  If you have a preference to see a member of the community or an ally, just let us know and we’ll find your perfect match.

What will you discuss with your LGBTQIA+ therapist?
Taking the time to understand you and your journey will help your therapist specialist to help tailor a treatment plan that is inclusive and helps you with all topics that are going on in your life.

We understand that you are more than your identity and sexuality.  We’ll help you to understand how these play a part in your life, how you present, but also, the part of your life that is separate also.  We’re also trained in the myriad of topics within the LGBTQIA+ community too.  We’ll be able to help no matter your personal, unique journey.

Our LGBTQIA+ therapist specialists also have co specialties.  They can help you understand the other topics that you may want help with.  Some of the co specialties include: abuse and trauma, family dynamics, career, couples therapy, and self-esteem.

What are some topics you’ll discuss with your LGBTQIA+ therapist?
While everyone’s journey is unique, we know that it can be complex.  We will help you to live a more successful and fulfilling life.  Some of the many topics that you’ll discuss with your LGBTQIA+ therapist include:

  • Your identity
  • Coming out (dealing with it in the past, coming out, or living life in the closet)
  • Your relationships with family
  • Dating and Relationships
  • Sex and Gender exploration

We have therapists that are also sex-positive and kink-positive if that is interest to you.  Just let our Matching Experts know your preferences and we’ll make sure that we find your perfect therapist match.


Working with a LGBTQIA+ therapist can help you through your life journey.  Whether you are just coming to terms with your preferences or dealing with LGBTQIA+’s unique challenges, Silver Lake Psychology is the therapist partner that you’ve been looking for.

We are easy to work with, work with most insurances, and can help you to better understand your life, goals, and to build healthy mental health practices for a better future.

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