More and more research is taking place due to the connection between our minds and bodies.  Gone are the days that the brain and body are treated like different specialties with little collaboration.

Integrated health is the complete approach to your health.  This takes both the mind and body as an equal component to your total complete health.  This approach leads to life changing success, in whatever way that means to you.

Collaboration is the key to a mind/body approach and working on the mind body connection.  You’ll explore how your mental health is affected by your physical health and how your physical health affects your mental health.  Understanding this dichotomy can help you build integrated coping skills that can lead to great improvement throughout your life.

Why should you see a mind/body therapist?

Working with a mind/body therapist can help you better understand yourself from the inside out.  This complete approach can really help you make monumental changes!

A mind/body therapist will have co specialties to help you better understand your body’s reactions to your mental health struggles.  How your body processes trauma, anxiety, depression, and a myriad of other mental health symptoms can help you to understand your triggers, responses, and to build better coping strategies.

What will you discuss with your Mind/Body Therapist?

Your mind/body therapist will tailor your therapy journey to your needs.  Integrating the mind/body connection through different therapy styles will help you to get a fuller understanding of yourself, your goals, and values.

While you’ll discuss many different topics with your therapist, here are some of the things that may come up:

  • How your body copes with stress
  • What are your triggers and how do they manifest
  • The importance of a full body approach when dealing with mental and physical health
  • Dealing with body image and self-esteem issues
  • Build healthy strategies and self care routines

What are some of the benefits of seeing a Mind/Body Therapist?

A mind/body therapist has a unique, collaborative approach that will help to interweave your journey between your mind’s structure and your physical body’s reaction.  This integrative approach will allow you to explore yourself deeply, and work through intense topics.

Silver Lake Psychology specializes in Mind/Body therapists and some of our specialists have integrated Yoga or other movement based therapies.  Just let our Matching Experts know what you’re looking for and we’ll make sure that we find the right therapist for you!


While you may be working through a number of different intense topics and mental health symptoms, a mind/body therapist can help you collaboratively to treat you as a complete puzzle for both mind and body.

It’s a great option for some of our clients and we’d love to match you with a Mind/Body therapist!  They have co-specialties to further ensure that you’re going to be matched up with a mind/body therapist with the needed specialties to help you best.

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