Our Therapists Can Help With Career Stress!

With all of the different things on our plates these days, we understand that there’s a lot of priorities pulling us in every direction it seems.  This constant attempt to juggle priorities can create issues throughout our lives.  One of the main stressors for most people is career stress.  Silver Lake Psychology is your therapist partner who can help you deal with the stress of your job in addition to life’s challenges.

Career stress isn’t only for CEOs of Fortune 500 companies or business executives, career stress can run rampant in small businesses, family-owned businesses, being an employee in any sector, or the transition to retirement.  Understanding the impact of career stress can help you to improve many different aspects of your life, not just your job or career.

What are some of the symptoms of career stress?

Here at Silver Lake Psychology, we’ve specialized in working with those dealing with career stress.  We understand that every career is different and presents its own unique array of challenges.

Our specialists can help to understand your position at work and help you build strategies for helping to live a fulfilling life even if you have a stressful job.  Some of the symptoms of career stress include:

  • Strained co-worker relationships with peers, bosses, or subordinates
  • Working too many hours
  • Becoming burnt out
  • Taking work home with you
  • Strained relationships with your family and/or friends
  • Changes in your self-esteem
  • Insomnia

What will you discuss with a Career Therapist?
Each person’s life journey is a bit different.  Our therapist will take the time to listen and understand what you’re going through.  We’ll help you to create boundaries, build and use coping skills and strategies, communicate more effectively, and to understand the symptoms that you’re experiencing.

The therapists as Silver Lake Psychology will also help you with more than just your career.  We understand that our lives are multidimensional and your career, though important and meaningful, is just a small part of who you are as a person.

Why should I see a Career Therapist?
A career therapist will take the time to help you understand how your work is affecting you, your health, and your relationships.  Career therapists can also help you to prepare for important meetings, cope with job loss either your own or dealing with hiring and firing, and dealing with receiving a promotion or just missing out on one.

Our career therapists also have a lot of co specialties.  That means that we can help you with your career stress but still be able to help you in other aspects of your life.  When you’re discussing your needs with a Matching Expert, make sure to explain all of the topics that you’d like to explore in therapy to make sure that we can find the perfect therapist for you.

Career stress can be a large factor in our lives.  With the multitude of topics that can lead to job stress, our therapists will take the time to help you no matter what you’re working towards.  We’ll help you build boundaries, learn to not take work home with you, and to prepare for interactions with management, coworkers, and peers.  Contact us today to be matched with a career therapist.

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