The Benefits of Finding an Abuse Therapist Specialist

Abuse is a challenging topic to confront in our lives.  While we may be in abusive relationships at this time or dealing with past traumas and abuse, an abuse therapist is a great resource to help you make positive changes in your life.  Silver Lake Psychology has a number of abuse therapist specialists on staff that can help!

Why should you see an Abuse Therapist?
An abuse therapist is trained in helping clients understand how the trauma has affected the rest of their lives.  While one may think that abuse is a simple topic to explore, the impact that abuse plays on our lives can be wide-ranging and affect multiple aspects of your life.  Taking the time to explore its impact with an abuse therapist can ensure that real life-changing progress can be made.

What types of abuse therapists are there?
Abuse is wide-ranging and comes in many forms.  Abuse can be the result of childhood trauma, physical, emotional, financial, elder, sexual, or a number of other forms.  Abuse can also be multifaceted and occur in multiple categories.  That’s why we suggest an abuse therapist to help you understand the effects, see the signs, improve your self-esteem and image, and set you up for future successes in your life with platonic and romantic relationships.

What are the benefits of seeing an abuse therapist specialist?
Abuse therapists are specially trained to help you better understand how abuse has impacted your life and decisions.  Some of the topics that you’ll discuss include:

    • How have you been abused?
    • Has someone physically, emotionally, or sexually abused you?
    • How did the abuse make you feel?
    • Does the person who abused you understand their impact?
    • How would my quality of life be impacted by changing the dynamic of the relationship with this person?
    • Would my life be different if I left the relationship or distanced myself from this person?

Our abuse therapists can help things get better!
Silver Lake Psychology has a robust, diverse team of abuse therapists on staff to ensure that you’ll be matched with a therapist that can help you through these tough topics with understanding and empathy.  We’re experienced enough to know that things can and will get better.  We can help you wherever you are in your journey to help you grow and flourish.

There’s more to you than the abuse you’ve suffered
Our abuse therapists know that the abuse you’ve persevered through is just a part of who you are.  We’ll help to see its impact throughout other facets of your life to create real, life-altering changes in your life.  We want to help you heal and understand that you’re more than just the abuse you’ve experienced.  Our abuse therapists can help you to grow and move past the hurt to find joy again.

Silver Lake Psychology’s Abuse Therapists Team is accessible!
Silver Lake Psychology is passionate about helping our clients deal with the effects of abuse in all of its forms and is dedicated to keeping our team full.  That means that you see an abuse therapist who specializes in the form of abuse that you’ve experienced on your schedule.  We have same week appointments available with our abuse therapist team and can start helping you to make your life the best that it can be.

Contact us today to be matched with your abuse therapist specialist!

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