Therapist Recruiting Guide

Silver Lake Psychology is designed for therapists, by a therapist.

Make the dream of private practice a reality.

Therapists in private practice get bogged down by time-consuming and expensive administrative, marketing and customer service related tasks. All of these efforts result in many hours of non-billable work. We’re here to change that.

Focus on your passion.

We'll take care of the administrative tasks.

What we offer:

Steady Caseload

​​Silver Lake Psychology is constantly growing. We're connected to several major hospitals and universities and well-established in the entertainment industry.

Freedom to Make Your Own schedule

​Our therapists set their own schedules. We offer an easy to use scheduling platform and an intake team to screen, match and schedule appointments.

Medical Billing Services

We take care of the medical billing and payment collection so you can focus on your clients.

Client screening and matching

​Silver Lake Psychology uses a psychologist-designed matching process to ensure that your clients are the right fit for your skill set and clinical interest. Our industry leading matching therapist matching process leads to higher client retention rates and rewarding client-therapist relationships.

Intake Coordinators

Our professional Intake Coordinators offer a full intake process for your clients including intake forms, insurance verification, payment collection and customer service questions. This eliminates frees up your time from non-billable activities and time-consuming email and phone communications about scheduling and payment. Our intake team will free up your time to focus on your clients. ​At Silver Lake Psychology, we’re insurance experts. Our Intake Coordinators check insurance benefits and answer follow-up billing related questions throughout the therapy process.

Insurance Credentialing

Contracting with Insurance can be a time-intensive process with low returns. Let us take care of the hard work. Our credentialing specialists will fill out applications, keep directories updated and maintain active status throughout your time with us.

Account Management

Silver Lake Psychology handles all client payment and billing customer service questions.

No non-compete clauses in our contracts

Our partnership will allow you to build a sustainable private practice.

We love our clients

As therapists, we want to help clients transform their lives. Do you like to work with clients that are ready to do the work? Our clients tend to be engaged, insightful and ready to invest in their relationship with you. This means more fulfillment and less burnout.

We value our therapists

We provide a therapist-friendly company culture. Our mission is to provide our therapists with a supportive administrative team, professional consultation and peer consultation groups.

Individual Consultations

We provide free individualized consultations from senior clinical staff. These consultations can help to discuss select cases, business strategies, and success in private practice.

Peer Consultation Groups

​Peer consult groups allow for collaboration and group learning. These sessions are great for new therapists and seasoned therapists alike. All peer groups are elective, but a great resource for our therapists.

Clinical Independence

​Our therapists practice therapy according to their own clinical judgment and therapy modality.


Silver Lake Psychology’s Therapist Mission is to help therapists realize the private practice dream.

We’ve created the Mindful Matching therapist matching process. This is a sophisticated protocol based on treatment outcome research and uses more than 100 data points to ensure we’re finding the right therapists for each of our clients.

The Matching Experts and Intake Coordinator teams will screen all potential clients to make sure that they are appropriate for our therapists and have active referral relationships in place to allow our clients to find the help they need. Our screening and matching process is empathy guided and customer service focused. We take the time consuming portion of finding clients away from you to focus on providing therapy and earning income.