Understanding ADHD

Attention Deficit Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder are two related mental health disorders that affect millions of Americans and even more around the world.

Where we used to believe that a child was spirited or inattentive in school, we now know that Attention Deficit Disorder or Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder may be to blame.  This fundamental change in our approach to working with these children has created revolutionary change and better success starting from a young age.

ADD and ADHD don’t only affect children though.  Both of these disorders are life-long and can affect people well into adulthood.  While each stage of life presents its unique challenges, living with ADD and ADHD can be manageable.

Silver Lake Psychology has ADD and ADHD specialists that can help you understand how your life is affected and give you tools to help manage your symptoms.

Using therapy as a tool to help you live with the symptoms of ADD and ADHD can dramatically change your life.  Our ADD and ADHD therapist specialists are trained to understand the complex nature.

What are some of the benefits of seeking therapy when you have ADD or ADHD?
A therapist is specially trained to help you better understand your life, relationships with yourself and others, and to build coping skills to better deal with life’s ups and downs.
While everyone can benefit from having a therapist, those with ADD and ADHD can get help to build the tools and strategies needed to help improve their life.  At Silver Lake Psychology, we’re dedicated to working with those with ADD and ADHD to help them live simpler, more fulfilling lives.

What will you discuss with your therapist?

While your therapist will custom tailor their approach to your unique circumstances and needs, we will help you to delve deeper into your life, routines, and relationships with yourself and others,
Some of the topics that you may discuss with your therapist include:

  • Understanding your symptoms
  • Tools to increase concentration
  • How to improve your relationships
  • Time management
  • Dealing with your symptoms related to your career
  • Self-esteem

Why should you see an ADD/ADHD Therapist?
An ADD/ADHD Therapist specialist will understand the unique challenges of living with the symptoms associated with ADD and ADHD.  While each person’s unique journey is a bit different, they are well versed to be able to help you understand how ADD and ADHD affects your life.

ADD and ADHD therapist specialists also can help you make sense of how your ADD/ADHD affects other mental health related conditions, symptoms, and disorders to help you achieve a better understanding of your mental health as a whole.

This complete approach can help you to understand that your diagnosis is just a part of your total mental health.

Understanding how ADD/ADHD affects your life, decisions, priorities, and relationships with yourself and others can help you to build the life that you want.  We want to be your therapist partner to help you manage your symptoms and live your best life.  Fill our the contact form below and we’ll use our patent-pending Mindful Matching technology to find the best ADD/ADHD therapist specialist for you!

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