Understanding Anxiety

Anxiety can be debilitating and hard to live with.  Anxiety is a wide-ranging umbrella term that can affect many different aspects of your life.  Whether you have general anxiety and can never relax or have panic attacks that wreak havoc at the most inopportune times of your life, living with anxiety can be a struggle even on your best day.

Getting Help and Breaking the Stigma

Long gone are the times when having anxiety and seeking help were taboo.  Normalization throughout our culture has allowed anxiety therapists to be more accessible and relevant than ever.  Anxiety can affect us all throughout our life.  Having a specialist to work on coping mechanisms, give you tools to manage your symptoms, and help you understand how to get yourself through a panic attack can truly help to change your life.

With anxiety being such a widely universal issue, anyone can benefit from being able to manage their anxiety.  Whether you’re a performer who has stage fright, you’re an executive that hates public speaking, or an overachiever that puts too much pressure on yourself, anxiety can manifest in many different ways at difficult times in our lives.

Confronting your anxiety can be a difficult and challenging topic to work through but it can have amazing, life-altering results.  Our anxiety specialists are trained to help you process your anxiety, understand your triggers and warning signs, and manage your symptoms.

Anxiety can affect your relationships with others

Where we might think that anxiety is a very personal and individual thing to deal with, anxiety can affect our relationships.  Anxiety can affect your communication style, your expectations in relationships, and can affect your mood.  These can have consequences with our relationships with others.

While we may be able to manage our anxiety with our nuclear families, dealing with anxiety when dealing with colleagues, larger family groups, and strangers can be another thing altogether.  Knowing how to handle these situations and control your anxiety responses can lead to professional success, stronger family dynamics, and better integration into groups and society.  These skills could be incremental in your overall growth and success.  Learning these tools and skills to manage your symptoms can really make a difference in your future.

Confronting your anxiety

Putting in the introspection work needed to improve your anxiety can be a difficult and vulnerable process.  Our anxiety therapist specialists at Silver Lake Psychology will make sure that you are understood and supported during your journey.  This difficult, but valuable work can be life changing and lead to wide-ranging success in many different areas of your life.

What will you work on with an anxiety therapist specialist?

Anxiety symptoms are wide ranging and incredibly personal.  Whether you have a general feeling of constant anxiety, panic attacks that you’re trying to manage the symptoms of, or have performance anxiety, an anxiety therapist specialist can help you work on just some of the following topics:

  • Is your anxiety the result of abuse or trauma?
  • What are your anxiety triggers?
  • What are the symptoms leading up to a panic attack?
  • How has your anxiety affected relationships with yourself and others?
  • Tools to manage your symptoms
  • How to overcome a panic attack
  • Understanding the warning signs leading up to an anxiety attack

An anxiety specialist can help you to succeed in many different aspects of your life.

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