Understanding Depression

Depression can be debilitating and life-altering.  Living with depression can be a constant battle of ups and downs and incredibly isolating and demoralizing.  Taking the time to understand your depression, your depression response, and how to live and thrive with depression can allow you to overcome your depression to increase your quality of life and every facet of your life.

Breaking the Stigma of getting help with your depression

Depression isn’t something that solely affects a certain demographic.  From single mothers, celebrities, business owners and professionals, students, or other groups of people, depression can affect everyone at different points of their life.  Depression also affects each person in a different way.  Having personalized care to further understand your depression and depression response can help to improve your life.

Having the courage to confront your depression can have amazing results.  Our depression therapist specialists can help you to build tools to help you manage your depression.  Whether you have seasonal depression or severe depression, or somewhere in between, a depression therapist can help you to make your life better.

While your depression can manifest in many ways, we can help you to build strategies to help you succeed.  Depression can also affect our relationships.  Our self-esteem and self-image can take a hit during a depressive episode.  Your platonic relationships, relationships with family members and even our relationships with coworkers can all be affected by your depression.  Your romantic relationships can be affected.  A depression therapist specialist can help you to learn more about how relationships are affected by depression and give you the tools to build a stronger relationship with yourself and others, both platonically and romantically.

Confronting your depression
Taking the time to do the introspection needed to improve your depression can make someone feel incredibly vulnerable.  Our depression therapist specialist will make sure that you are supported and validated during your journey.  This crucial work can be life changing and impact you for the rest of your life.

What will you work on with your depression therapist specialist?

Depression is an umbrella term that can mean different things to everyone.  Whether it’s a general feeling that you always experience, a cycle of ups and downs, or seasonal, a therapist specialized in depression can help you explore the following:

  • Is your depression the result of trauma or abuse?
  • What is your depression response?
  • How has depression affected your self-esteem?
  • Have your relationships been affected by your depression?
  • Tools to build coping strategies
  • Understanding the warning signs going into a depressive event
  • How to help yourself out of a depressive episode

Why a depression therapist specialist can be the right choice for you

At Silver Lake Psychology we are trying to confront the stigma of depression head on.  We want to ensure that our depression therapist specialists are accessible.  With same week appointments available, we can make sure that you can get in touch with a specialist quickly to begin your journey.

Be matchedwith your depression therapist specialist

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