Why Silver Lake Psychology?

Silver Lake Psychology is a large and diverse therapist group that takes customer service seriously.  We are customer service rockstars and take the time it needs to ensure that our clients are heard.  Taking this time upfront ensures that our client’s needs are met and we’re able to make the therapy process easy and that they’re matched with their perfect therapist.

We have over 120 different specialties on staff, 150 therapists and move every day, and can speak 17 different languages.  We are large enough for you to find your perfect fit, but small enough to listen and provide industry-leading customer service to each client every time.

Silver Lake Psychology takes the time to listen

While most therapist groups of size are client mills filling based on schedule only, we delve deeper to make sure that you’re seeing the perfect therapist that has been mindfully matched for you.  We want to hear your story to find your perfect therapist.

Whether we’re helping you on the phone or by email, we’ll ask questions and listen.  This allows us to be able to choose your therapist from our growing therapist group.  This tailored approach leads to increased client satisfaction and keeps our therapists happy since they’re seeing the clients that they want to see, not just who has been assigned to them.  We take the time to listen.

Silver Lake Psychology’s Mindful Matching Process

Silver Lake Psychology saw a need.  We wanted to develop a process that allows our Matching Experts to use the fine details to ensure the perfect client-therapist match.  We listen to you to learn the specialties that are needed.  We find out what type of therapist you’re looking for.These details are crucial in finding you the perfect match.

We even take it one step further and talk about personality and approach.  Are you looking for someone to give you homework and challenge you?  Do you need a therapist that will do more listening and let you work through things on your own with insights and gentle coaching?  Are you interested in EMDR or other specific therapy types?  No matter your specific criteria and needs, we’ll do the work to find you the perfect therapist to meet your needs.

We’re Insurance Experts and have modest self-pay rates

Navigating your plan and benefits can be time consuming and difficult.  Let Silver Lake Psychology do the work for you!  With an Account Management Team and Insurance Billing Team, we’ll make finding and using your benefits and easy process.

Even if you don’t have insurance, our Matching Experts will take the time to explain your options.  Access to care is a passion of ours and our Matching Experts can help you explore your options to make our premier therapists available on most any budget.

Silver Lake Psychology offers Individual, Couple, and Group Therapy options!

No matter what step you are on in your journey, we offer multiple therapy services to ensure that you can improve any aspect of your life.  With tailored, client-centered approaches in each of our offerings, we’ll help you to make the life-changing steps needed to improve your life.  We want to be a part of your journey of self-retrospection and growth.

An overview of Silver Lake Psychology

Silver Lake Psychology is a growing therapy group that is large enough to offer over one hundred specialties, but small enough to care about each client that we have the opportunity to serve.  We are responsive customer service minded professionals who will take the time to listen and set you up for success.  Contact us today and let’s start your journey of growth together.  We can’t wait to meet you.

Close-up of psychiatrist hands holding those of her patient