Mental Health Issues Facing Family Members That Have Cancer

Cancer is a disease that affects more than just the person with it. When someone in your family has cancer, you are all affected by it. Family and friends may experience a range of emotions, including worry, anger, and fear. The people in your life may be very helpful or they may stop being helpful. Some may feel guilty that they’re not sick, or helpless. Some people may feel guilty, while others may feel helpless. 


Changes That May Affect the Family

When someone has cancer, everyone in the family has to take on new roles.  Everyone in your family must also adjust to new roles.  Perhaps a loved one needs help with chores and errands while you are going through treatments. A child may have to do more chores or a spouse help with errands or shop while you go through treatment.  They may need help paying bills or preparing meals.  


Roles May Change in the Family

From grandparents, parents, cousins, siblings, aunts/uncles, and children, the effects on a family can be debilitating.  This doesn’t even take into account your friends, coworkers, and members of your social circle.  The effects can affect dozens of people potentially.


When a loved one is diagnosed with cancer, daily life changes. You may have to take time off from work for medical treatment.  Another family member may need to take time off work to drive them to treatments. Some people need help paying their bills.  The large tasks and small tasks of daily life and living with cancer can be overwhelming for just one person to deal with.


Those with cancer may experience a lot of stress, especially if it is not the type that can be cured or if they’re not one to accept help.  This stress can bleed into other family members.  Stress management is a key component for any family battling a cancer diagnosis.  A cancer therapist specialist at Silver Lake Psychology can be a great choice for many people that are affected by cancer.


Money troubles can extend into the family structure

It’s stressful to keep up with money matters and keep money matters organized. Cancer can reduce the amount of money your family has to spend or save. You might be worried about losing your job, or maybe you’re already out of work.  If you’re not able to work, someone else in your family may need to get a job. Either way, if you have cancer, your family is going to be hit hard financially.  It’s a lot to deal with.  


You and your family may need to learn more about health insurance and find out what will be covered and what you need to pay for. Understanding your benefits can be difficult.These and other money issues can be hard to deal with both personally, as a support system, and as a larger family unit.


Living arrangements may also be affected

People with cancer often need to change their living situation. For example, they may need to move into a new house or apartment or have their family stay with them. When people with cancer need help, they can feel like you’re taking away their independence, even if it’s just a little while. This may be difficult for them and it may be difficult for you as well.


They may need help with housework or day-to-day activities. This can be stressful, and it’s tough to ask others to help take care of them.  It can be hard to accept that they’ll need help, even if just for a little while.


You may be dealing with other mental health conditions 

Having a person in your family receive a cancer diagnosis can be debilitating but it doesn’t affect what was happening the day before or what was in your life previously.  Working with a cancer therapist can be a great choice for family members or support persons dealing with someone in their life that has cancer.  They are uniquely qualified to help you understand what your loved one is going through and how to support them.


Why you should see a cancer therapist at Silver Lake Psychology

A cancer therapist at Silver Lake Psychology is uniquely qualified to help you support your loved one with cancer.  They have many co specialties and are well-versed in helping cancer patients and their families.  We have many different cancer therapists available.  


What makes us different?  We custom match our therapists with our clients.  This ensures the best chance of clinical success.  If it’s not the best fit for you, no worries!  Just let our Matching Experts know and we’ll find your ideal cancer therapist match!


We work with insurance, have affordable self-pay rates, and industry leading customer service!  We aim to provide therapy that is evidence-backed, clinically proven, and we have many years of experience working with cancer patients and their families.  Learn more by contacting a Matching Expert today!


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