Marriage Therapy

It can be daunting to find the right partner in life. It has always been a battle of finding “Mr Right” or “Ms Right”. But when you have already found “the one”, it does not necessarily mean that there will be no problems and challenges.

Every married couple goes through a series of ups and downs, which in turn question their situation and ask “I thought she/he is the one”. Without proper counseling and a strong support system, marriages that go through rocky journeys will soon be bound to fail.


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Married couples go through various challenges. Some deal with money problems while others are “bored” with their sex life or lack thereof. While there are a number of causes and stressors to agitate the situation, every marriage conflict is exposed to a plethora of possible resolutions. And therapy is one of them.

Experts can attest. According to the American Psychological Association, more than 70 percent of married couples who went through a series of marriage counseling and therapy have improved their relationship and were able to resolve conflict.

Marriage therapy is not a blaming game. It’s more about setting a platform to communicate and attune to the needs of each individual. Couples who tried therapy said they were able to resolve their conflict because it was during therapy sessions that they were able to focus on each other as well as contemplating individually. Hence, marriage therapy is more of personal growth. Our trained and skilled therapists will help you. They have been trained not to take sides and remain unbiased throughout your therapy sessions.

What Are the Advantages of Marriage Therapy?

  • Communication Skills: Teaching & Role Play
  • A fair and equitable negotiation of shared responsibilities
  • The ability to identify wounds from your family of origin and recognize how they impact your current relationship
  • The ability to move past anger, resentment, and disappointment
  • Tools to feel more independent within your relationship

Why Do You Need to Seek Marriage Therapy?

Anyone who wants to improve their relationship, not necessarily be in crisis, can seek help from our professional marriage therapists. But, we can help you if you are experiencing:

  • Infidelity
  • Adjusting to parenthood
  • Chronic conflict
  • Toxic conflict
  • Dealing with loss of attraction or libido
  • Overcoming differences
  • Navigating open relationships
  • A safe space to explore dreams and shared goals
  • One or both partners are considering divorce
  • Sexual differences

Does Insurance Cover Marriage Therapy?

Yes! Many insurance plans cover couples or marriage therapy. Some insurance plans may limit coverage. Our team will check this for you before your first visit. Silver Lake Psychology has over 150 different specialties. This means that you have the peace of mind of knowing that whatever you need to work through in your therapy journey, we’ll have a specialist that is trained to provide the best course of action to help you resolve conflict. ​We invite you and your partner to start your journey by contacting us below. We look forward to helping you!
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