Couples Therapy

What to expect from couple’s therapy?

​In contrast to individual therapy, couples therapy is more structured and requires the therapist to take a leadership role.

Having both partners in the room creates opportunity to try new ways of communicating and behaving, all while a supportive professional is guiding you.

Couples therapy is challenging and often results in powerful, emotional experiences. A couples therapist creates a safe space for these to flourish.

The rewards of skill-building and self-development are high.

Couples therapy is best viewed as a path for personal growth. Each partner will be challenged to grow and change individually, which includes changing dysfunctional patterns.

Your therapist is unbiased and trained not to take sides. They will support each of your emotions and experiences of, and in, the relationship. You will also be encouraged to take responsibility for your own happiness within the relationship.

As couples therapy progresses, and you and your partner learn how to communicate safely and constructively, many couples feel emboldened to talk about deeper truths.

​What you will gain from couples therapy?

  • Communication Skills: Teaching & Role Play
  • A fair and equitable negotiation of shared responsibilities
  • The ability to identify wounds from your family of origin and recognize how they impact your current relationship
  • The ability to move past anger, resentment, and disappointment
  • Tools to feel more independent within your relationship

​Reasons to seek couples therapy:

Anyone who wants to better their relationship. You do not need to be in crisis.

  • Pre-marital counseling
  • Infidelity
  • Adjusting to parenthood
  • Chronic conflict
  • Toxic conflict
  • Dealing with loss of attraction or libido
  • Overcoming differences
  • Navigating open relationships
  • A safe space to explore dreams and shared goals
  • One or both partners are considering divorce
  • Sexual differences
  • Affordable Couple Counselling

Does insurance cover couples therapy?

Yes! Many insurance plans cover couples therapy. Our team will check this for you before your first visit.

Do we offer LGBTQIA—couples therapy?

Yes, some of our therapists specialize in working specifically with LGBTQIA+ couples. We also welcome poly-amourous couples. All of our therapists are allies and have been trained in working with this community.

We have a diverse team of couples therapists, ranging from associate to senior therapists. Several of our therapists have been trained by Dr. Brandy Engle, author and expert on relationships and sexuality.

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