Parenting Specialists

Silverlake Psychology Parenting Therapists offer support for new parents adjusting to parenthood as well as pre and post-natal therapy for mothers. In addition to just starting parenting, our therapists can help with parenting preteens and teenagers, co parenting struggles, and navigating an empty nest. Wherever you are in your parenting journey, our Parenting Therapists can help you every step of the way.

Life’s Purpose and Emotional Intelligence

Increasing your emotional intelligence can lead to success in many different aspects of your life. From your success in platonic and romantic relationships, you earning that big promotion, your approach to your mental health, or your general state of happiness, working on yourself and your own improvement can have dramatic benefits.

We’ll work with goal building, creating coping mechanisms, and finding resources to lead you to success throughout your life. Happy people are more likely to attract others with their energy and optimism and can be a key building block of success.

Our therapists are trained to help you understand the importance of improving your emotional intelligence and awareness. We will help you to identify and remove roadblocks and self-defeating behaviors.

With the varied experiences of our therapists, we can understand that uncertainty.  We also offer other services like Addiction Specialist, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Personal Therapy, Teen Therapy, Trauma Therapy, Mindfulness-Based Therapy, OCD Specialists, Depression Specialists, Telehealth, and a lot more!

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