I love that customer service is fast, thorough, and nice. The therapists are matched according to your needs, and the customer service is very great at rematching you if you do not fit well with a therapist for any reason! I love how much they check up and make sure everything is going well. 
Jennifer Mata

Staff is very informative, helped me in finding a great therapist. If unavailable I was about to leave a voicemail and be contacted back with in the day . Love the experience my therapist provided. From the first day I schedule an appointment and I honestly wasn’t feeling like doing the therapy session but I received a phone call from my therapist introducing himself and informed me that he was looking forward for our session later that day . I was surprised that a therapist went out of his way to make sure I knew who he is and that I would attend our session.

Vanessa De Los Angeles
I am recently married... in the last year, I've changed my last name and my job (therefore insurance). Despite all this, the paperwork has been relatively painless to update and I've been able to keep receiving care without interruption. Thanks for taking care of your patients, Silver Lake!
Trish Sargentini

My girlfriend and I see different specialists at Silver Lake Psychology and we could not be more happy. The support staff connected me with someone who has the exact experience for the things I want to face. Everyone provides excellent service and has wonderful communication skills.

Jordan Koehler
Great experience, attentive staff and diverse therapists who are committed to your well being and balanced mental health!
Jeff Summit

I have had really good experiences here both with Shari on an individual basis and also with Renee for couples therapy. They are both really good listeners and incredibly insightful and intelligent people. I just feel really lucky to have met them and to be working with people that can really help me! Would totally recommend them to anyone.

Belle S.
They are so great about responding to inquiries and were super helpful with finding a therapist and schedule that works!
Bodin Adler

I've been placed with 3 different therapists for different needs at silver lake psychology and all of them have been fantastic.

Jasmyn A.

I was recently in the middle of switching careers, and needed to process my thoughts and concerns with someone. I contacted Silver Lake Psychology after hearing such positive reviews. I was assigned to see Arash Davidi, which later became a perfect match. Arash's feedback and smooth ability to steer me in the right direction was extremely helpful. I felt like our therapeutic relationship really provided me with moments of personal clarity that I needed in my life at the time. I will highly recommend Arash to my friends and colleagues of the entertainment industry who want to discuss and work through career/academic obstacles. Also, it was such nice change to have a male therapist and hear things from a neutral male point of view!

Sara N.

I've been a client at Silver Lake for about a year now. They have a lot of options for therapists and really focus on finding a good match for you. I've seen a couple therapists throughout my life and only at Silver Lake did I finally receive a diagnosis that actually felt accurate to my situation. I've never had any issues related to billing through my Kaiser insurance; the whole process has been pretty smooth for me.

Andrea R.
Silver Lake will diligently follow up with you until the best fit in terms of a therapist is found. The staff is courteous, professional and diligent They have many qualified therapists
Todd Parker

It was very difficult to find a therapist before I reached out to Silver Lake Psychology. I gave up a couple times because no one would call me back or they said they were full. I am so thankful for their help and attentiveness. An intake person called me and emailed me to find out what kind of therapist I wanted. They followed up with me to check on my satisfaction and to see if I had questions. The therapist they found was really wonderful and I am looking forward to working with her over the coming months. Just having their support in this process helped me feel hopeful again.

Rebekah A.
Psychology office with many services available. Once an email is sent looking for services, an intake clerk communicates with you and follows up with what service exactly is needed. Once a match is made an appointment is scheduled. Thank you. God bless you. 
Moses Soto

I love Silverlake Psychology! Their selections of mental health professionals is amazing. I've seen several here and they've all been top notch. Christen, their practice director, is very helpful and friendly, and makes the whole intake process very smooth. A+ customer service!

Justin A.

Silver Lake Psychology has a marvelous group of very professional therapists, who treated me with understanding and compassion during a difficult transition in my life, I would refer anyone who needed a caring and thoughtful therapist to consider this group.My therapist there really helped me through a critical time in my life.

Linda B.
First, thank you so much to Camille, who helped me find my current therapist, Rebecca B. Camille was so helpful and patient with me as I have a specific health need. After a couple of sessions, she contacted me to make sure that my therapist is still a good match for me. I truly appreciate that. My therapist, Rebecca, is so kind and patient. She has been very helpful in my mental health journey. Thank you so much, you two! 
Nadia Rachel

The customer service provided by intake coordinators is top notch. their therapists are stellar and shockingly in my network. oneof the more positive experiences i have had with therapy and i am no newbie to therapy!

Lisa Ullmann

I’ve been receiving therapy from Silverlake for a little over a year now. They’re AMAZING. I’ve noticed major changes in my mood, habits, and overall outlook on life. Please consider working with SilverLake. They are prompt and effective in their communication when it comes to the administrative process. Thank you Christen and Donald! :)


I found the staff there to be very helpful and professional, and Sarah to be very understanding and insightful while going through a very rough separation. Sarah definitely helped me to put a lot into perspective so that I could move forward.

Auriana M.
My intake coordinator was on it!!! They got back to me less than 12 hs after I submitted my inquiry and they assigned me a therapist in less than 24hs. Amazing service!
Kharlys Gragirena
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