The Importance of Therapy When Recovering From An Eating Disorder

​Eating Disorders can manifest in a number of different ways and wreak havoc on people’s lives.  Eating Disorders are not a one size fits all and are normally brought on by trauma, body-image issues, stress, trying to fit in, bullying, or a myriad of other reasons.  With as complicated as the background and its implications throughout the lives of our clients dealing with Eating Disorders, working with an Eating Disorder specialist can make all the difference on your road to recovery.

Working with an Eating Disorder specialist at Silver Lake Psychology will allow you to work through the complicated nature of having an Eating Disorder.  Our specialists will take the time to learn more about you and your struggles to help build a therapeutic relationship that is based in a safe, judgment free environment.

Collaboration is a key factor for success!

We understand that recovering from an Eating Disorder can be incredibly difficult.  The wide ranging symptoms and triggers can run rampant through your life and can be difficult to just perform your activities of daily living.

Also, depending on your stage of recovery, we understand that you may be actively working with other Healthcare professionals.  We will work with and become an advocate for your medical team.  We’ve worked with practitioners in medical offices, hospitals, and recovery centers.  We’re used to collaborating and will be sure to become a crucial part on your road to recovery.

Why should you see an Eating Disorder Therapist?

An Eating Disorder therapist is professionally trained to help you build a better relationship with yourself and with food.  You’ll discuss your food cycle, your triggers, and help you to build a better relationship with yourself and food.

Everyone’s experience with eating disorders is unique and we’ll help you to explore this and help give you tools for success.  Between coping skills, self-discovery, and building better relationships with yourself and others, our Eating Disorder therapists at Silver Lake Psychology can help you on your path to recovery.

What will you discuss with your Eating Disorder therapist?

While there are many different aspects of dealing with having an Eating Disorder, our Therapists will provide a judgment free zone to help you discover your triggers, build different habits, and heal.  We know that many clients with eating disorders have other underlying topics that they’ll need to work through and our Eating Disorder therapists are trained to help you with this multifaceted complex topic.

Some of the many things that you may discuss with your Eating Disorder Therapist are:

  • When did your relationship issues with food begin?
  • Were you bullied?
  • Explore your relationship with yourself and your self-esteem
  • Learning your triggers
  • Building your coping skills and creating better habits
  • Goal making

Working with an Eating Disorder therapist can be a rewarding, life-changing first step to recovery.  Whether you’re in recovery or still dealing actively with the effects of living with an Eating Disorder, we’ll partner with you to help you every step of the way.  Contact us today to be Mindfully Matched with an Eating Disorder therapist that meets your needs!

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