How To Find A Trauma Therapist

trauma therapist is a specialist who is trained in dealing with the wide-ranging effects that trauma can have throughout your life.  Trauma is a single term for many different experiences ranging from childhood accidents, abuse, military service, grief, and a number of other reasons.  Trauma is an umbrella term for a lot of specific hurt and pain.

Why a trauma therapist specialist is the right choice.
When you are working through trauma, a trauma therapist specialist can help you through your journey with evidence based treatment modalities.  TF-CBT (Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing) are just some of the tools that a trauma therapist will have to help you to rebuild your life.

Choosing a trauma therapist that meets your needs
Silver Lake Psychology takes the hard work out of finding a trauma therapist.  Our Matching Experts are professionals devoted to finding the perfect trauma therapist for you.
Our Matching Experts will take the time to listen.  We’ll find out more about you and the trauma you’ve experienced.  They’ll also take it further and talk about your needs in a therapist.  Does your trauma therapist need to be a specific gender?  Have experience in a related specialty to help you deal with the event that caused the trauma?  Does your trauma therapist need to speak a certain language or come from a certain culture?  No matter your needs, our Matching Experts will find the best trauma therapist for you.

Understanding the effects of trauma
trauma therapist can help you deal with the events that led to your trauma.  Understanding these experiences can help you to build coping strategies, improve your relationships with yourself, platonic relationships, and romantic relationships.  The work can be difficult but a trauma therapist can set you up for success.
In addition to dealing with the events that led to the trauma, you’ll explore how trauma has affected your life.  This may delve into your trauma response, anger management, building your self-esteem, and breaking detrimental habits and relationships.  Trauma therapists are trained to deal with the effects of trauma throughout your life and can set you up for success, growth, and healing.

What will you focus on with your trauma therapist?
Trauma is complicated and unique for each person.  Our trauma therapists at Silver Lake Psychology are trained to help you no matter what caused your trauma.
Some of things you may work on with your trauma therapist are:

    • What event led to your trauma?
    • How has trauma affected your self-esteem?
    • Has trauma affected your platonic or romantic relationships?
    • Do you have anger that you need to process?
    • How to live with trauma
    • How to break the cycle of trauma and pick up on warning signs
    • How to focus on your future post trauma.

Silver Lake Psychology has many trauma therapist specialists available!
Silver Lake Psychology is dedicated to helping people deal with the effects of trauma and is always recruiting for trauma therapist specialists to ensure that our clients can be seen quickly and offer same week appointments.  We know that when you’re ready to start your journey of healing not loosing momentum is crucial.
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